What does natural mean?

It means that the ingredients used are not chemically or synthetically made. Plant & Flower extracts only!

How organic are your products?

We are 100% natural and mostly organic. We make a concerted effort to choose suppliers who have been certified organic. However, we have found some suppliers who practice friendly environmental processes who have not yet achieved organic certification. We have found their ingredients to perform masterfully. We strive to be 100% organic from ethical sourcing. 

What is shelf life of your products?

Our water based products can be used 6 months from day you receive the product. Our oil based products can last one year. If you live in warm, moist climate we recommend placing water based products in refrigerator when not being used to prolong shelf life and potency. Many factors can affect a product such as humidity, heat or contaminants, if a product shows mold or discoloration it should be thrown away. These instances are rare and we would be happy to replace the product. 

Why do big name-brand cosmetic companies include lots of chemical preservatives?

Because they are in the business of mass-production. Mass production means they can out-source labor to poorer countries. In order for mass production to work, they need products that can be stored in warehouses for extended periods of time. Chemical preservatives allow these companies to stock-pile inventory for several months even years. It should be noted that most toxicities with skin care products occur from synthetic preservatives. At Guuky, our products are free of synthetic chemical preservatives and we have received highest safety score from Skin Deep which is an environmental work group for cosmetics and personal care products. 

Aren't chemicals in name-brand cosmetics safe?

Not necessarily. US Government research concluded that 1 out of every 5 cosmetic products they tested included proven human carcinogens (cancer agents). Companies continue to use toxic ingredients such as parabens, MSG, lead and many others in their products that could be harmful to your body. These unsafe ingredients have been attributed to breast cancer in women, hormonal imbalances in teenagers, infertility in men & women and much more.

We at Guuky have taken 'truth in labeling' pledge thru Natural Ingredient Resource Center and we voluntarily registered each product ingredients with FDA. All of our ingredients have received green safety rating from 'skin deep database'. Our products are free of parabens, alcohols, silicone, synthetic fragrances or chemical preservatives.

What makes Guuky different?

We don’t have products “on the shelf,” ready to ship when your order comes in. Instead we make small, micro-batches that ensure freshness, performance and affordability. We spend valuable time with each customer to make sure we are getting it right.