Why We Are Different

1. Let's Talk Ingredients:

Our products are made from natural and organic ingredients. Free of synthetic chemicals, parabens, alcohols and petro-chemicals. We are committed to the beauty, health and wellness of our customers. We didn't stop there. Not only are Guuky products non-toxic but they also perform really well. Our customers would not accept anything less. 


2. Concentrated Formulas:

Our products are carefully formulated to provide real results, maintain your safety and bring out the beauty in each person who comes in contact with it. Guuky products have high concentrations of anti-aging ingredients. We do not include synthetic chemical preservatives that can be potentially harmful. 


3. Personalized:

Like a custom-made gourmet sandwich, our products are made just for you. When we receive your order, our product specialists get to work. All of our cosmetics are made in small, micro-batches. We are unlike larger cosmetic companies who rely on chemical preservatives to store their products on the shelves for months even years.