• Supernatural Essential Acne Spot Treatment

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Supernatural Essential Acne Spot Treatment

$ 65.00

This unique and powerful holistic acne blemish fighting treatment is very concentrated in biodynamic active botanicals. This acne blemish treatment is designed to helps calm acne breakouts & encourages the regeneration of skin cells to accelerate healing. 


Guuky products are handmade in small batches based on current orders to ensure the highest level of effectiveness and freshness. Our natural skincare line is not to be confused with products that are designed to sit on store shelves for extended periods of time. We believe our natural and holistic approach to beauty bring significant value to our customers. 


Recommended for acne skin types.
Net Wt. 0.17 oz/ 5ml
100% natural - Made in USA



To Use:

Wash and dry hands and face.

Spray onto finger tip and apply to affected acne areas. Avoid direct contact with eyes. Can be applied 4 times daily (every 6 hours). Apply sunscreen when traveling outdoors. Store in a cool, dark place. Below is our recommended acne regime.


For clear healthy looking skin - we recommend following for acne skin:

1. Acne Kit No 1 (dry skin) or Acne Kit No 2 (oily skin)

2. Freshgenic Mild Cleanser - This can be combined with Supernatural Cleanser (which is included in Acne Kit 1 or Acne Kit 2)

3. Toner - Rose (dry skin) or Toner - Lavender (oily skin)

4. Indulge Serum - highly effective oil free serum to reduce redness.

5. Holistic Acne Spot Treatment - most effective against larger more stubborn pimples.


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