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Opulent Reboot Serum

$ 70.00

0.68 (20ml)

Opulent is an intelligence serum that effectively reduces acne and appearance of pigmentation and dark spots. This multi-tasking serum uses vegetable collagen to help support skin matrix. After age 30, our collagen levels drop 1-2% every year. This complex formula uses dual technology for evening skin tone for clear bright skin complexion. 

We recommend two-step skin patch test when using any serum for first time: 1) Apply small amount of serum to inside of elbow. If redness appears you may have allergy to ingredient and we don't recommend using on your face. 2) Apply small amount of serum to corner of your face. If no redness after 24 hours, you can apply this serum to your entire face. 

No parabens, synthetic chemicals, petro-chemicals or alcohols. 100% natural. Made in USA.

Skin types: All  (not recommended for pregnant females)

0.68 fl oz (20 ml)

100% natural - Made in USA


How to use: clean hands & face prior to applying Opulent serum. As with all serums, start in middle of face and work your way outward in a small circular motion. Daily use during day or night. 


Additional acne prevention tips:

* wash pillow case cover every 2 weeks.

* keep alcohol intake to minimum.

* Use mild skin cleansing exfoliator.

* stay well hydrated.

Shake before each use. Keep in dark cool area. Avoid sunlight.



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