• Pearly Dark Spot Corrector Lightening Serum

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Pearly Dark Spot Corrector Lightening Serum

$ 125.00

0.68 oz (20ml)

Our improved botanically enhanced formula to our popular dark spot treatment. This highly concentrated brightening serum reduces dark spots, discoloration and blotchiness by inhibiting melanin from reaching skin surface resulting in even skin tone. We use multiple technologies to fight every stage of hyperpigmentation process. Tested and proven to work within 2 weeks.


Skin types: normal, combination skin, dry & mature skin and dull skin.

0.68 fl oz (20 ml)

100% natural - Made in USA

Pearly serum dark spot remover is a light and non-greasy non comedogenic non occlusive formula of fine blend of Super-Antioxidants and Powerful Bioactives that corrects hyperpigmentation and dark spots.

Phoenix Dactylifera (Date) Seed Extract naturally sourced contains 7 compounds that act in synergy to help Delay visible effects of aging in the skin, including Phytosterols for barrier function, Ursolic Acid to regenerate the skin, antioxidant Tocotrienols, and Isoflavones for anti-aging. The extract has also been proven to help Eliminate toxins from the skin, and to Increase type 1 collagen synthesis, which is responsible for keeping the internal structure of fibers in the skin plump and firm.

Squalane (olive derived) can erase skin pigmentation, eliminate scars, lighten freckles, reverse UV damage, reduce wrinkles and Enhance protection against free radicals damage. The body’s squalane levels start declining when we’re in our 20s. Applying nourishing squalane will lubricate your skin’s surface and can help you achieve a softer texture and smoother appearance.

Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Oil possesses a remarkable amount of phytosterols. Studies indicate that phytosterols help the skin strengthen its lipid barrier, restoring proper moisture balance, smoothing the skins surface and improving skin elasticity. Phytosterols are also known for their ability to nourish and stimulate the skin cells to encourage regeneration of healthy skin cells.

Made from 100% natural ingredients humanely. Handmade in small batches to ensure quality & freshness for maximum Benefit for your Skin.

Container: Air-less pump that reduces product waste as you get every last drop as well as improved safety as formula is not exposed to air and additional protection from contamination.  

To Use: Wash and dry hands and face. Apply 1 pump of Pearly Dark Spot Corrector into palm of hands and rub together to activate enzymes. Apply directly to dark spots or areas of discoloration. Can be applied twice a day.


This is a concentrated oil-based whitening formula for faster skin lightening. We also carry oil-free version that can be found here: Oil Free Skin Whitening 


Facial Serum can be used in the morning along with sunscreen and before going bed.

Shake before each use. Keep in dark cool area. Avoid sunlight.


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