• Probiotic Acne Serum

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Probiotic Acne Serum

$ 110.00

0.68 (20ml)

An intelligent serum using emerging technologies in probiotics to achieve clear skin, decrease redness and skin sensitivity while improving skin hydration. Lightweight and easily absorbed, Probiotic Acne Serum creates a protective shield against bacteria, allergens and pollutants. Additionally, this serum produces tightening and firming effects by utilizing wheat proteins that form continuous elastic film on surface of your skin. Our natural probiotic ingredients exhibit skin lightening effects when used daily.


Guuky products are handmade in small batches based on current orders to ensure the highest level of effectiveness and freshness. Our natural skincare line is not to be confused with products that are designed to sit on store shelves for extended periods of time. We believe our natural and holistic approach to beauty bring significant value to our customers. 


Skin types: All 

0.68 fl oz (20 ml)

100% natural - Made in USA


Container benefits. Our airless pump system reduces product waste as you will get every last drop of magic. There is also improved safety as our formula is not exposed to air thus providing additional protection from potential contaminates. Recycled material is included in our containers.


How to use:

After cleansing and toning your face, apply serum on your clean face. Massage gently. As with all Guuky products, a little bit goes long way so start with small amount at first and apply more if desired.

Facial Serum can be used in the morning along with sunscreen and before going bed.

Shake before each use. Keep in dark cool area. Avoid sunlight.



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