• Supernatural Face Cleanser (For All Skin Types)

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Supernatural Face Cleanser (For All Skin Types)

$ 35.00

2 oz (57g)

This natural face cleanser gently cleans and softens your skin with daily use. We use natural blends of clay to remove skin debris and reduce pore size, coconut milk for anti-bacterial properties, oatmeal, yogurt and aloe vera to soften you skin. You basically get benefits of a Cleopatra milk bath without the preparation and cleanup. Free of detergents, alcohols and soaps. This product should be used within 3 months (after opening package) if your residence does not have air conditioning and/or you live in tropical climate that has high levels of moisture.



Our cleanser is formulated to remove dirt, oil and make-up, revealing your beautiful complexion. Natural face cleanser has zero toxicity from chemicals or synthetic fragrances. Cruelty-free products without added cost. High performance for cleaning and tightening skin. Supernatural cleanser works especially well when combined with Freshgenic cleansing foam.


What makes us unique: We don’t have cosmetics “on the shelf,” ready to ship when your order comes in. Instead we make small, micro-batches that ensure freshness and performance. Always 100% pure and natural.


Skin type: oily / combination / dry / normal / acne



Non-fat Dry Milk Powder, Kaolin Clay, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Powder, Avena Sativa (Oatmeal) Powder, Prunus Dulcis (Almond) Powder, Mel (Honey) Powder, Lavandula Angustafolia (Lavender) Buds, Zea Mays (Cornstarch) Powder, Non-Fat Milk Solids, Lactic Acid, Natural Cultures, Natural Flavors, Aloe Barbadenis (Aloe Vera) Powder.


How to use:

Dampen your face with warm water. Simply shake powder in the palm of your hand and add water. Use index finger in circular motion to create a paste in palm of your hands. Apply to your face using small, circular motions. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. Then use GUUKY moisturizer that best suit your skin type. 


Do not add water or place wet fingers into container as this Guuky powder cleanser does not include preservatives.  Keep safely out of direct sunlight in a cool dry location. 

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